The economic effects emanating from individual companies can reach immense dimensions. Their economic activity is therefore of local and regional, often also national or even global relevance. This applies analogously to major cultural or sporting events and even more so to entire branches of the economy.

The economic Footprint shows the totality of the economically relevant effects of economic activity. For this purpose, SpEA maintains a sophisticated portfolio of so-called "satellite accounts" based on state-of-the-art research. Topic-specific satellite accounts reflect cross-sectional subjects such as the sports economy, the digital economy and the cultural industry in a timely manner.

The use of satellite accounts allows both value added and purchasing power effects as well as employment effects to be accurately reported. The associated fiscal benefits are also determined by means of attached tax and duty matrices. In addition, satellite accounts serve as a powerful tool for simulating the effects of strategic decisions, such as locating headquarters activities, setting up research centres, making expansion investments or organising major events.

Our methods

  • Industry-specific supply and use tables
  • Multiregional Input-/Output-models for Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Multiregional Input-/Output-models for the European Union as an entitity of 27 member states (Post-Brexit)
  • Theme-specific satellite accounts
  • Company-specific satellite accounts
  • Total Economic Value chart of accounts