Scientific Advisory Sports Policy Evidence-based policy formulation as maxim, theory and empiricism as benchmark. i Sports policy in the field of conflicting interests. Regulatory design of SpEA as a beneficial balance of conflicting interests in mountain biking. Innovation Research The fascination of uncharted territory. Research that leaves traces. i The innovation network of sport. Technologies that survive in competition prevail in everyday life: SpEA brings the "Teflon" of sports innovation to the forefront. Impact Analyses The Economic Footprint of sport. Clubs, infrastructure and events as sources of wealth. The original - made by SpEA. i Synthetic Employment Mountains: Share of sports-related Employment as a percentage of total employment in the Member States of the European Union. State-of-the-art evidence-based research by SpEA.

SportsEconAustria – Institute of Sports Economics (SpEA)
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In December 2004, SportsEconAustria – Institute of Sports Economics (SpEA) was founded on the initiative of the Federal Chancellery of the Republic of Austria, Section Sport, in the legal form of a non-profit association. SpEA positions itself as a highly specialized institution for the purpose of research, teaching and policy advice in the field of sports economics (and related disciplines). Content expertise, methodological-quantitative competence and the network capital of its human resources characterize the institute profile. Read more

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